The Rage of a Nice Guy

09/05/2021 Raymond Viger 0

I’ve already shared with you all about my learning disabilities, including my dyslexia. Given different comments I received on those essays, an internet reader sent me the following request: Talk about people who are too nice and who live through the hell of being too […] See more

Living with Depression

07/23/2021 Delphine Caubet 0

Sophie is disinterested with all that surrounds her. She doesn’t want to go out with her friends. All she wants to do is sleep all day. Let’s face it, Sophie is sad. By Delphine Caubet Her doctor diagnoses her as depressed. This dynamic young woman, […] See more

A Few Basic Facts (Part III)

02/04/2019 Raymond Viger 2

Let’s demystify the process. Here are a few basic facts: This is the usual, normal sequence of events: I.   The person first suffers a loss, be it real or symbolic. II.   Then, a period of depression follows. III.   The depression builds to a crisis point. […] See more

A Few Basic Facts (Part I)

12/04/2018 Raymond Viger 2

Let’s demystify the process. Here are a few basic facts : Being depressed doesn’t mean you’re crazy. Despair and depression, the chief causes of suicidal feelings, are not indicators of a severe mental illness. As you help someone, think to yourself: If I were in […] See more

Symptoms of Depression

07/04/2018 Raymond Viger 1

Physical Sleep cycle disrupted (insomnia, constant sleeping) Change in appetite (bulimia, overeating, undereating) Change in energy level (extreme fatigue, hyperactivity) Psychological Inability to find pleasure in anything Loss of interest in anything and everything Sadness Irritability, anger, rage Loss of sexual desire Frequent mood swings: […] See more