I Was Twelve

12/15/2021 The Social Eyes 0

By Amélie Létourneau It started at age 12 It’s my father’s fault Who met a woman and a bottle Every day, weekdays and Sundays Distanced himself from me, my sister Loss of contact, speech, love One year spent with her She left, the bottle stayed […] See more

Anorexia: A New Treatment Method

09/25/2017 Raymond Viger 0

Dr. Jean Wilkins, a specialist in anorexia, heads the eating disorders clinic at the CHU Sainte-Justine. I’ll summarize the work of Dr. Wilkins on anorexia, and his point of view. This will help us better understand an anorexic person’s behavior. By Raymond Viger  Many anorexia […] See more

Living with Anorexia

06/12/2015 The Social Eyes 0

“I’m a survivor…” VéroniKaH, a talented painter, has been anorexic for 35 years. Anorexia is a mental illness especially common among girls and women. Fully 3% of women ages 15-25 to suffer from this crippling psychological disorder. People afflicted with this disorder avoid eating in […] See more

What triggers Anorexia?

06/12/2015 The Social Eyes 0

Norma (not her real name) was 18 the first time she saw Dr. Jean Wilkins, a specialist in eating disorders at Montreal’s Sainte Justine Hospital. Another one of Dr. Wilkins’ patients brought young Norma to see him. She was in bad shape. She suffered from […] See more