Suicides in Wemotaci: Collective Grief

07/11/2022 The Social Eyes 0

By Alexandra Grenier Michel Tousignant is a retired associate professor in the psychology department at UQAM. He is a specialist in suicides in different communities around the world, but particularly in indigenous communities. The Social Eyes interviewed him to get his observations on the way […] See more

Babysitting Belugas in the Saint Lawrence River

07/07/2022 The Social Eyes 0

By Isabelle Burgun – Agence Science-Presse Young beluga whales benefit from the sort of care normally associated with babysitting, just like little humans. These caring techniques are “allomaternal,” which means non-maternal infant care when it is performed by any group member other than the mother. So this […] See more

Mistrust towards Asians during Covid

06/14/2022 The Social Eyes 0

Students at John Abbott College wrote about the Covid-19 health crisis in one of their French classes focusing on the media. Several of them couldn’t celebrate their passage into adulthood with their friends. In confinement, they came to realize the impact of the pandemic on […] See more

Eco-responsible Behavior: Where Are We? Part II

06/13/2022 The Social Eyes 0

By Virginie Francoeur, Ph.D. The forests lead the people, the deserts follow them – François-René de Chateaubriand. On a planetary scale, the health and subsistence of our human population rest firmly on the viability of our ecosystems. Globalization has weakened our natural environment.  The biggest […] See more