The Risks of Street Social Work

03/04/2022 Raymond Viger 0

I’ve disarmed people. I’ve put myself between two people who wanted to take each other’s head off … But that’s not the worst of it. By Raymond Viger  As a street social worker, I’ve said for a long time that in my line of work […] See more

I Vote for Sex Ed

12/14/2021 The Social Eyes 0

 Opinion Letter – #metoo In July of 2020, a new wave of denunciations of sexual assault, harassment and sexual violence created a storm on Québec social media. By Noémie-Jade Fisher-Chonière, age 20 After the “aggression non dénoncée,” “yes all women,”  “stop culture du viol,” and […] See more

The History of Sex Dolls and Sex Robots

07/21/2021 The Social Eyes 0

The first automatons were created in the 17th century by a father-and-son team of Swiss watchmakers named Jaquet-Droz. In aristocratic salons, for a fee, people would watch a couple of amorous robots exchanging tender gestures. Also used as promotional objects, their mechanism was compared to […] See more

The Controversial Doll Houses

06/21/2021 The Social Eyes 0

In 2015, upset at how human-machine sexual relations were being normalized in society, Kathleen Richardson and Erik Brilling created the Against Sex Robots campaign. They argue that robots encourage the objectification of women and children, as well as not respecting the concept of consent. They […] See more

Sex Ed and Street Kids

10/18/2018 Raymond Viger 0

Finally, sex ed is back in our schools. As of December 2017, La Fédération des comités de parents du Québec (The Quebec Federation of Parents’ Committees) hailed the return of sex ed to Québec classrooms as a good thing. In 2005, the Quebec ministry of […] See more

The AIDS Virus: Alexandra Wants a Baby

08/24/2017 Delphine Caubet 1

In 2011, over three-quarters of all Canadians stricken with HIV were males. Sometimes, women feel left aside when resources for HIV-positive persons are allocated. To find out what this might mean in practical terms we spoke to Alexandra, who agreed to let us publish her […] See more