Getting Back into Society

04/04/2022 Colin McGregor 1

If this article doesn’t confuse you, all the better, because it sure confuses me, and I wrote it.  It’s hard to underestimate how, when leaving prison after 29 years, you are disconnected from the outside world. After a long absence, you cease to exist, in […] See more

Are Prisons the Answer?

11/30/2021 Colin McGregor 0

By Colin McGregor $3,770,000. That’s what it cost, in today’s numbers, to keep me in jail for 29 years. I learned that while watching Télé-Québec’s TV show Nos années 20 hosted by the Québec journalist Patrick Lagacé the other day. He had a panel discussion […] See more

Scabies! The Unwelcome Guest

04/20/2020 Colin McGregor 0

This happened when I was imprisoned, on a transfer from one jail to another, temporarily in a holding facility for transferees. By Colin McGregor, Prison CFF de Laval Laying on the upper bunk of a 10 x 7 foot prison cell, I was itching like […] See more