Café Graffiti : 25 Years of Involvement

01/19/2023 Raymond Viger 1

A year of celebration and change. The Café Graffiti celebrates its quarter century while the Journal de la Rue celebrates its 30th birthday. The adventure began with the Journal de la Rue, the first French-speaking street newspaper in the world. It was followed in 1993 […] See more

Does False News Travel Faster?

12/26/2022 The Social Eyes 0

By Pascal Lapointe – The Rumor Detector Agence Science-Presse ( In March of 2018, an MIT study concluded that on Twitter, news that is false travels much faster than news that is true. Recently, a report cited two researchers who apparently had refuted the 2018 […] See more

Keys to a Healthy Relationship

08/19/2022 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger I’ve already told you, in these columns, of the macho education that men got in the 1950s and 60s when it came to romantic relationships. Think of James Bond during the Sean Connery era, or Humphrey Bogart. A star would kiss a […] See more