Fuel Economy and the Auto Industry

04/12/2024 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger To reduce gas consumption, on January 2, 1974, U.S. President Richard Nixon lowered the speed limit on American roads to 55 miles an hour. Given that vehicles at the time consumed upwards of 17.4 litres/100 km, this gas saving measure had its […] See more

The Beginnings of the Automobile

04/05/2024 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger In the beginning, the car company started by Henry Ford had as its aim to bring the automobile to the rural population. By 1920 this objective had been realized. Were auto manufacturers content with achieving this? By no means. Expansion is a […] See more

One out of Two Men is a Woman

03/29/2024 The Social Eyes 0

By Sarah Lemay for the Gazette de la Mauricie Androcentrism literally means “male-centered.” It is a concept that reveals the historical, cultural and social domination of men over women in numerous societies around the world. This notion, as complex as it may be, has profound […] See more

I Rap, Therefore I Am

02/23/2024 Colin McGregor 0

Book Review of Philosophie du Hip-Hop by Jérémie McEwen By Colin McGregor It is 1996. A young teenager of 16 is sitting comfortably in his parents’ living room on the edge of Parc Lafontaine. He’s listening to a documentary on the gangster rap group NWA, […] See more

Why Electric Cars Came So Late

02/02/2024 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger Over a century ago, the enterprise created by Henry Ford had as its aim to motorize the rural population. This objective was achieved in the 1920s. Were automobile manufacturers content to rest on their laurels once this occurred? Certainly not. Expansion is […] See more

Four Myths about Wind Power

01/26/2024 The Social Eyes 0

By Maxime Bilodeau – The Rumor Detector Agence Science-Presse (www.sciencepresse.qc.ca) Wind power is often accused of lots of flaws, usually incorrectly. Here are four myths: Wherever there are wind turbines, we often find nearby residents who claim that they suffer from symptoms such as dizziness, […] See more

Nuclear Energy: Monster or Savior?

12/22/2023 The Social Eyes 0

Wanting her engineering students to take on challenges, Virginie Francoeur, Professor of Change Management at Ploytechnique Montréal, offers those with excellent communication skills to publish their writings here and in Reflet de Société. In this installment, Virginie Francoeur presents Léo Sajas, who is studying for […] See more

The Urbanization of Immigrants

11/13/2023 Colin McGregor 0

By Colin McGregor     It is well known that the vast majority of immigrants to North America choose to live in major metropolitan centers. Which causes a lot of challenges for our cities. About three-quarters of Canada’s immigrant population is settled in three major metropolitan areas: […] See more