Graffiti and Tuberculosis

09/18/2023 Colin McGregor 0

By Colin McGregor A hundred years ago, the only treatment for tuberculosis was fresh air. Near La Tuque, in the Mauricie region, think of a pristine lake, unpolluted, glistening at altitude. This is Lac Édouard. Accessible by rail in 1809, the notables of the day […] See more

Monk.E’s Trip to Africa

09/15/2023 Colin McGregor 0

The Café Graffiti’s own Monk.E travels the world withartists and graffers, painting murals, making connections, and spreading the word of hip-hop around the globe – even during the pandemic. Indeed, Monk.E voyaged abroad 11 times during the COVID crisis! Here, then, are some photos of […] See more

Québec’s Alternative Schools (Part I)

08/25/2023 Colin McGregor 0

By Colin McGregor A traditional school, with its rows of desks and its rigid discipline, isn’t for everyone. Some students learn better in a freer, less structured environment. By giving students more space and the freedom to learn, an alternative school helps students develop better […] See more

Living With Going Blind

08/04/2023 The Social Eyes 0

By Célie Dugand Living an ordinary life, Martine Bédard suddenly lost her sight in 2018 at the age of 51 after a bout with pneumonia and the breakdown of her immunity system. For his part, the artist Bruno Robitaille is afflicted with eight eye ailments […] See more

Ouanessa Younsi at Solovox

07/20/2023 Colin McGregor 0

Montreal poet and psychiatrist Ouanessa Younsi was one of several talented artists at last month’s Solovox poetry night at La Petite Marche restaurant on Saint Denis. Monthly Solovox events, always the third Wednesday of each month at La Petite Marche, are coordinated and ably emceed […] See more

Indigenous Radio: is 5% Enough?

07/07/2023 Colin McGregor 0

André Dudemaine By Colin McGregor Is 5% enough? Indigenous musicians from Quebec tell us: It’s our turn to be heard! Radio plays an important role in introducing listeners to Canadian music and artists, even in an age of internet streaming. The policies and regulations of […] See more

The Little Varenyk

06/06/2023 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger Maria Bilash left her native Ukraine for Paris in 2006. A 48 hour trip by car. There, she enrolled in a French language course, all the while taking care of her children. She found restaurants representing every conceivable nationality (Russian, Japanese, Polish), […] See more

Poetry at the Bistro le Ste-Cath

05/15/2023 Colin McGregor 0

Our favourite poet Sylvain Turner, author of In extremis, available on Éditions TNT, was a finalist for the prestigious “Prix d’excellence poésie” (Poetry Excellence Prize), awarded by the cultural website At the end of the day, poet and translator Francis Catallano (left) won first […] See more