Do Bears Hibernate All Winter?

12/07/2022 The Social Eyes 0

Catherine Crépeau – The Rumor Detector Agence Science-Presse ( Each autumn, bears hibernate in their dens to sleep until spring arrives. But if we strictly follow the definition of the word “hibernate,” that’s not exactly what bears do. The Rumor Detector explains… What is Hibernation? […] See more

Could the Amazon become a Grassy Savanna?

09/28/2022 The Social Eyes 0

Maxime Bilodeau – The Rumor Detector Agence Science-Presse ( Ravaged by humans, the “lungs of the planet” are running out of breath at a breathtaking pace. Is it possible that the Amazon rainforest could become dry grassland, in other words a savanna, by the end […] See more

Ecology and the Workplace

09/16/2022 The Social Eyes 0

Presented as the key to the future for the protection of the environment, initiatives to adopt eco-responsible behaviors in the workplace are multiplying. Social support and empowerment are the levers of ecological change. By Virginie Francoeur, PhD. We can witness examples of initiatives on the […] See more

Do Chameleons Really Change Color?

08/11/2022 The Social Eyes 0

Laurie Noreau – The Rumor Detector – Agence Science-Presse From red to green via yellow and purple: certain videos would lead you to believe that if you plop a chameleon on any color surface, it will quickly tint its skin to match the surface.  But are chameleons really […] See more

Babysitting Belugas in the Saint Lawrence River

07/07/2022 The Social Eyes 0

By Isabelle Burgun – Agence Science-Presse Young beluga whales benefit from the sort of care normally associated with babysitting, just like little humans. These caring techniques are “allomaternal,” which means non-maternal infant care when it is performed by any group member other than the mother. So this […] See more