Homeschooling: A Different Way of Learning

03/17/2023 Colin McGregor 0

By Colin McGregor  As the family way of learning, homeschooling is an alternative educational choice that empowers parents to take charge of their children’s education, replacing traditional school attendance. It brings a full life of discovery that both parents and children can share in at […] See more

Learning the Hard Way

07/15/2022 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger I can remember an unorthodox intervention carried out while I was working with marginalized street kids. I helped a teenager become an adult. Let’s give him the fictional name Eric. He turned his life around. His criminal record dealt with, Eric no […] See more

Mistrust towards Asians during Covid

06/14/2022 The Social Eyes 0

Students at John Abbott College wrote about the Covid-19 health crisis in one of their French classes focusing on the media. Several of them couldn’t celebrate their passage into adulthood with their friends. In confinement, they came to realize the impact of the pandemic on […] See more