A Criminal Record and the Job Market

05/03/2024 Colin McGregor 0

By Colin McGregor     One Quebec adult in seven has a criminal record. That’s 900,000 people 18 years of age or older. This statistic is verified by the Association des services de réhabilitation sociale du Québec (ASRSQ). Given the current manpower shortage you’d think it would […] See more

Cruel Tube

04/26/2024 Colin McGregor 0

A poem from Colin McGregor from the anthology It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn – available from the publishers Editions TNT.com Cruel Tube Oh toothpaste, why won’t you go back? I hope and hope and hope and hope And hope again I’ll squeeze you in […] See more

Fuel Economy and the Auto Industry

04/12/2024 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger To reduce gas consumption, on January 2, 1974, U.S. President Richard Nixon lowered the speed limit on American roads to 55 miles an hour. Given that vehicles at the time consumed upwards of 17.4 litres/100 km, this gas saving measure had its […] See more

Muslims Helping Muslims during Ramadan

04/08/2024 Colin McGregor 0

By Colin McGregor At the Goût du Bled restaurant on Jean-Talon East in St-Léonard, each year a wonderful foodbank pops up just for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. An army of volunteers gets together in the restaurant’s basement kitchen to prepare 1,200 meals a […] See more

The Beginnings of the Automobile

04/05/2024 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger In the beginning, the car company started by Henry Ford had as its aim to bring the automobile to the rural population. By 1920 this objective had been realized. Were auto manufacturers content with achieving this? By no means. Expansion is a […] See more

One out of Two Men is a Woman

03/29/2024 The Social Eyes 0

By Sarah Lemay for the Gazette de la Mauricie Androcentrism literally means “male-centered.” It is a concept that reveals the historical, cultural and social domination of men over women in numerous societies around the world. This notion, as complex as it may be, has profound […] See more

Xavier Laloux: Be a Hero

03/22/2024 Colin McGregor 0

By Colin McGregor               Xavier Laloux is a contemporary artist born in 1985 in the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Saint-Charles, a working-class district in the south-west of the city. He has overcome many obstacles throughout his life. He is responsible for the image of a dove on […] See more