Why Teach Sex Ed in Schools?

12/21/2018 The Social Eyes 0

Education and sexuality in our schools is a hot potato topic. By Elizabeth Cazelais and Florence Valiquette-Savoie, sex therapists – The teachers should be responsible for it. – No, no, it should be up to each school principal to choose how the next generation should […] See more

My Legal Drugs (Part II)

12/15/2018 Raymond Viger 0

A slow brain can be a big asset. I learned that in aviation. By Raymond Viger  Almost a half-century ago, I had a career as an airplane pilot. Aviation safety has made great strides. Planes back then weren’t as safe as they are now. When […] See more

A Few Basic Facts (Part I)

12/04/2018 Raymond Viger 2

Let’s demystify the process. Here are a few basic facts : Being depressed doesn’t mean you’re crazy. Despair and depression, the chief causes of suicidal feelings, are not indicators of a severe mental illness. As you help someone, think to yourself: If I were in […] See more