Glenn Curtis, Breakdancing Grandpa

09/21/2015 The Social Eyes 0

At age 69, Glenn Curtis is an athlete. Nothing in the world could drag him from his breakdancing to play Scrabble in a retirement home. Portrait of a grandfather with 4 grandchildren who does hip-hop to stay young.   By Estelle Gombaud Originally from San […] See more

Catherine Dagenais

09/11/2015 The Social Eyes 0

Some artists wait to catch the latest popular fad to attain fame and glory; others would rather occupy the leading edge of their art and provoke change. That’s the case for Catherine Dagenais, 20-year-old musician, singer, lyricist and songwriter, who has never lacked initiative and […] See more

Community-Based Self-Financing

09/11/2015 Raymond Viger 0

Battleground: Our Own Neighborhood In partnership with the City of Montreal and the Ministère de la Métropole (Ministry of the Metropolis), we at the Journal de la Rue organization have launched a self-financing project for community groups. Every charitable organization and community group around has […] See more

The Fourth Wall

09/11/2015 Colin McGregor 0

It’s a short walk on a warm sunny day. Perhaps 30 meters along a pleasant walkway, all uphill. On either side, green grass; some tall, leafy trees; and some summers, a flower bed. The smell of a fresh-cut lawn. Colors that aren’t all shades of […] See more

JayCee Beyale Speaks Out

09/11/2015 The Social Eyes 0

Between Art and Tradition I am a Navajo artist from New Mexico. I grew up in a small town called Farmington. I currently reside in Colorado Springs and have been here for the last 2 years.  My identity and background have always been present in […] See more

The Path

09/11/2015 The Social Eyes 0

Some months ago, when Colin proudly announced that he would be the editor of a new magazine, The Social Eyes, the English version of Reflet de Societe, I promised, in a burst of enthusiasm , to contribute an article to one issue. Now I have […] See more