Mourning and Loss as Triggers

06/04/2018 Raymond Viger 2

Any difficult loss we experience in life comes at an emotional cost. Feelings build up. You have to take the time to let those feelings out into the open. The human mechanism includes safety valves: venting is in our nature. Frustration, anger, feelings of abandonment […] See more

Suicide and the Young Outcast

04/04/2018 Raymond Viger 4

People from different schools of thought within the suicide prevention community have various methods of operating, but we all agree on one thing: young people contemplating suicide don’t use suicide hotlines. They usually don’t reach out beyond their peer group at all. Amongst the young, […] See more

Suicide and the Closed Environment

03/04/2018 Raymond Viger 4

I have had the great privilege of working as a suicide prevention counselor among the Inuit of Quebec. Their 14 villages are strung along a thousand kilometers of some of the most desolate-looking land on planet Earth, in Quebec’s far north. In conjunction with McGill […] See more

Suicide and Society

02/04/2018 Raymond Viger 5

In the face of this distress, we couldn’t continue our intervention efforts without trying to discuss the matter with the proper authorities. Band-aid solutions wouldn’t do. My colleague met with the Casino’s management. We offered to work on the premises to help compulsive gamblers directly, […] See more

Suicide and Politics

01/04/2018 Raymond Viger 6

This line of questioning could well have led me to get involved in politics. But I am a hands-on type. I neither like nor understand the political world. I got involved with a community newspaper aimed at troubled youth in Canada’s poorest federal riding, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve […] See more