The Little Varenyk

06/06/2023 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger Maria Bilash left her native Ukraine for Paris in 2006. A 48 hour trip by car. There, she enrolled in a French language course, all the while taking care of her children. She found restaurants representing every conceivable nationality (Russian, Japanese, Polish), […] See more

20 Poets and Authors Celebrate Poetry

02/21/2023 Colin McGregor 0

Jean-Paul Daoust, Sylvain Turner, Jean-Simon Brisebois, Raymond Viger and their guests will mount the stage at the Bistro le Ste-Cath on Saturday February 25th, starting at 6 p.m. with their Nuit Blanche Hochelaga-Maisonneuve event. Jean-Paul Daoust and Raymond Viger will kick off the event. Our dean […] See more

A Modern Wake

01/30/2023 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger Originally, the funeral wake was a strongly religious tradition. Watching over the remains allowed the deceased to depart their physical envelope with the positive thoughts of their loved ones in tow. But over time, this relationship with the church has lost its […] See more

Café Graffiti : 25 Years of Involvement

01/19/2023 Raymond Viger 1

A year of celebration and change. The Café Graffiti celebrates its quarter century while the Journal de la Rue celebrates its 30th birthday. The adventure began with the Journal de la Rue, the first French-speaking street newspaper in the world. It was followed in 1993 […] See more