A Letter to Lady Justice

05/18/2020 Raymond Viger 0

Dear Lady Justice: I want to believe that you exist. By Raymond Viger  I dream that you will one day appear and become a part of our customs and habits; that you could become standard by which we live our lives. How come there are […] See more

Lexicon of the LGBTQ+ Community

05/15/2020 The Social Eyes 0

Here are some terms in use by the LGBTQ+ community today. By Sarah Langot Aromantic Someone who is aromantic, or aro, does not feel romantic sentiments for individuals. Asexual An asexual person, or an ace, does not feel a sexual attraction for individuals. To define […] See more

Losing Your Sight Overnight (Part I)

05/08/2020 Frédéric Lebeuf 0

Born with congenital glaucoma, Marie-Christine Ricignuolo became blind a few months after delivering her first child. By Frédéric Lebeuf I didn’t know how to handle this new reality,” she said. “How was I going to take care of my little Liam?” She thought it unthinkable […] See more