How to Write from Prison (Part II)

04/19/2019 Colin McGregor 0

“You want to be a journalist, my son?” said my late father, himself a journalist on the now-defunct Montreal Star, when I announced at a very young age my intentions to follow in his footsteps. By Colin McGregor “To write, he said, “You have to […] See more

Coping with Stress

04/18/2019 Raymond Viger 0

Stress is a sneaky, insidious force that weaves its web inside your mind until all you see are shades of black. By Raymond Viger  How we escape stress can cause us even more harm: alcohol, drugs, escapism… But not all our responses to stress are, […] See more

Warning Signs

04/04/2019 Raymond Viger 3

Incapable of clearly expressing distress, the suicidal person sends signals to those around them. These signals can be subtle, or jumbo-sized. These signals are appeals for help; a final search for some glimmer of hope before the tsunami hits. Remember, 8 out of 10 suicides […] See more