Understanding PTSD

03/25/2019 Delphine Caubet 0

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, happens after a traumatic event which has put the sufferer’s physical life or physical integrity under threat. By Delphine Caubet During this traumatic event, the person has experienced feelings of extreme fear and powerlessness. The most famous cases involve soldiers […] See more

How to Write from Prison (Part I)

03/18/2019 Colin McGregor 0

“You want to be a journalist, my son?” said my late father, himself a journalist on the now-defunct Montreal Star, when I announced at a very young age my intentions to follow in his footsteps. By Colin McGregor “To write, he said, “You have to […] See more

A Few Basic Facts (Part IV)

03/04/2019 Raymond Viger 2

Let’s demystify the process. Here are a few basic facts: Music and movies can’t motivate a person to suicide. Suicide results from a troubled soul, not because a rapper advocates the act. We shouldn’t brush off a suicidal person. Some think that the best therapy […] See more