Is it Safe to Eat Insects?

05/24/2024 The Social Eyes 0

Kathleen Couillard – Le Détecteur de rumeurs – Agence Science-Presse Even though they are still fairly rare in western countries, insect-based food products are on the rise. And this expansion is accompanied by some worries. The Rumor Detector checks in on what we know about […] See more

Ecology and the Workplace

09/16/2022 The Social Eyes 0

Presented as the key to the future for the protection of the environment, initiatives to adopt eco-responsible behaviors in the workplace are multiplying. Social support and empowerment are the levers of ecological change. By Virginie Francoeur, PhD. We can witness examples of initiatives on the […] See more

Eco-responsible Behavior: Where Are We? Part I

05/11/2022 The Social Eyes 0

By Virginie Francoeur, Ph.D. The forests lead the people, the deserts follow them – François-René de Chateaubriand. On a planetary scale, the health and subsistence of our human population rest firmly on the viability of our ecosystems. Globalization has weakened our natural environment.  The biggest […] See more