Keys to a Healthy Relationship

08/19/2022 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger I’ve already told you, in these columns, of the macho education that men got in the 1950s and 60s when it came to romantic relationships. Think of James Bond during the Sean Connery era, or Humphrey Bogart. A star would kiss a […] See more

Losing Your Sight Overnight (Part II)

06/13/2020 Frédéric Lebeuf 0

Born with congenital glaucoma, Marie-Christine Ricignuolo became blind a few months after delivering her first child. By Frédéric Lebeuf She thought it unthinkable that they can’t cure glaucoma in the year 2020. For her, losing her sight was the end of the world. She was […] See more

Prison Stopover – Part 1

01/20/2017 Colin McGregor 0

In 2016, Colin McGregor changed penitentiaries. After 23 years in medium security he was moved to Laval. Before going to his new prison he was sent to the Regional Reception Centre in St-Anne-des-Plaines, a compulsory waystation for all transferees going down the security scale. An […] See more