Learning the Hard Way

07/15/2022 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger I can remember an unorthodox intervention carried out while I was working with marginalized street kids. I helped a teenager become an adult. Let’s give him the fictional name Eric. He turned his life around. His criminal record dealt with, Eric no […] See more

Literature: A Trip to Manikanetish (Part II)

08/13/2018 The Social Eyes 0

For three years, Naomi Fontaine taught French at the high school in Uashat, an Innu reserve very close to Sept-Îles. Her classes abounded with brilliant, captivating teenagers. They were inspiring models of resilience. By Alexandra Duchaine “My students faced seemingly insurmountable odds, difficulties which adults […] See more

Anorexia: A New Treatment Method

09/25/2017 Raymond Viger 0

Dr. Jean Wilkins, a specialist in anorexia, heads the eating disorders clinic at the CHU Sainte-Justine. I’ll summarize the work of Dr. Wilkins on anorexia, and his point of view. This will help us better understand an anorexic person’s behavior. By Raymond Viger  Many anorexia […] See more

Midnight Teens Are Not Thugs

05/13/2016 Colin McGregor 0

The pineal gland is tiny. Wedged between both hemispheres of your brain, it may be small, but it has a huge impact on society – especially, on teenagers. That’s because it manufactures melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep. When the pineal gland manufactures more […] See more

A Survivor Speaks

12/14/2015 The Social Eyes 0

The Stunt of a Lifetime Yanick really shouldn’t be alive. Victim of a major automobile accident at the age of 17, doctors didn’t give him 24 hours to live. Twenty years later, he takes a look back at all the obstacles he’s had to overcome, […] See more