Stress and Distress

01/18/2021 Raymond Viger 0

Among the factors that accelerate the aging process, we find stress. By Raymond Viger  Studies present stress in different forms and in different contexts. We say that students are stressed. Men are too. Parents are stressed. Women too… everyone is stressed at some point in […] See more

Scabies! The Unwelcome Guest

04/20/2020 Colin McGregor 0

This happened when I was imprisoned, on a transfer from one jail to another, temporarily in a holding facility for transferees. By Colin McGregor, Prison CFF de Laval Laying on the upper bunk of a 10 x 7 foot prison cell, I was itching like […] See more

Two Disabled Persons in Love

08/24/2017 The Social Eyes 0

Mary and Matthew, disabled persons, may not be able to walk like normal people. But their love lets them soar above their physical difficulties. They lean on each other in hard times. They revel in each other’s daily cycle of victory and defeat. They enjoy […] See more

Autism: The Sound of Silence

08/22/2017 The Social Eyes 0

“For the first time, we’re planning a summer vacation together as a family!” Normand Charest and Isabelle Binggeli  File:  Mental Health Hélène Picard, 33, mother of two, shouts this out with enthusiasm. She and her husband Maxime have become experts in family logistics. Every move […] See more

Audrey McMahon and Yoga Therapy

11/30/2016 The Social Eyes 0

Ever since she was 17, CHUS Sherbrooke psychiatric resident Audrey McMahon has been practising yoga regularly. Geneviève Kiliko | File Health Her first class was a revelation, to the point that a few years later, she began searching for yoga-related therapeutic training to complement her […] See more

A Half-Marathon for Life

05/13/2016 The Social Eyes 0

The Oxford Dictionary defines perseverance as: “the steadfast pursuit of an aim, constant persistence.” To which I would add: “In the face of adversity and even pain when the mind and spirit are advocating quitting whatever activity is the cause.” Perseverance is an essential quality […] See more

From Farm to School: B.C.’s Example

05/13/2016 The Social Eyes 0

A kid who eats better learns more. So why not bring farm-fresh food to school cafeterias? That’s what Joanne Bays is doing in British Columbia. Not too long ago, Québec’s Équiterre organization invited her to share her experiences with those who’d like to see the […] See more