A Modern Wake

01/30/2023 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger Originally, the funeral wake was a strongly religious tradition. Watching over the remains allowed the deceased to depart their physical envelope with the positive thoughts of their loved ones in tow. But over time, this relationship with the church has lost its […] See more

The Confinement at Cegep Age

12/02/2022 The Social Eyes 0

Students at John Abbott College wrote about the COVID-19 crisis in their French language media course. The following translations come from that course. Many students couldn’t celebrate reaching the age of majority with their classmates. In confinement, they gained an awareness of the impacts of […] See more

I Was Twelve

12/15/2021 The Social Eyes 0

By Amélie Létourneau It started at age 12 It’s my father’s fault Who met a woman and a bottle Every day, weekdays and Sundays Distanced himself from me, my sister Loss of contact, speech, love One year spent with her She left, the bottle stayed […] See more

Bipolar Love

05/17/2021 Frédéric Lebeuf 0

Vegas, New York, Dubai, Asia, Hawaii, Australia, Morocco, Mexico… The globe-trotting singer-songwriter Izabelle never thought that one day she’d find herself in a toxic relationship tainted by episodes of conjugal violence. This artist freed herself by writing the song Bipolar Love. By Frédéric Lebeuf Now […] See more

Students in Distress (Part III)

09/20/2019 The Social Eyes 0

Stress, anxiety, depression… The life of a student isn’t all rest and relaxation. Their mental health can be precarious. It’s a phenomenon that worries professors and doctors more and more. It’s talked about a lot in universities, and elsewhere. By Charlotte Robec When we think […] See more

Suicide and the Young Outcast

04/04/2018 Raymond Viger 4

People from different schools of thought within the suicide prevention community have various methods of operating, but we all agree on one thing: young people contemplating suicide don’t use suicide hotlines. They usually don’t reach out beyond their peer group at all. Amongst the young, […] See more