I Was Twelve

12/15/2021 The Social Eyes 0

By Amélie Létourneau It started at age 12 It’s my father’s fault Who met a woman and a bottle Every day, weekdays and Sundays Distanced himself from me, my sister Loss of contact, speech, love One year spent with her She left, the bottle stayed […] See more

Bipolar Love

05/17/2021 Frédéric Lebeuf 0

Vegas, New York, Dubai, Asia, Hawaii, Australia, Morocco, Mexico… The globe-trotting singer-songwriter Izabelle never thought that one day she’d find herself in a toxic relationship tainted by episodes of conjugal violence. This artist freed herself by writing the song Bipolar Love. By Frédéric Lebeuf Now […] See more

Students in Distress (Part III)

09/20/2019 The Social Eyes 0

Stress, anxiety, depression… The life of a student isn’t all rest and relaxation. Their mental health can be precarious. It’s a phenomenon that worries professors and doctors more and more. It’s talked about a lot in universities, and elsewhere. By Charlotte Robec When we think […] See more

Suicide and the Young Outcast

04/04/2018 Raymond Viger 4

People from different schools of thought within the suicide prevention community have various methods of operating, but we all agree on one thing: young people contemplating suicide don’t use suicide hotlines. They usually don’t reach out beyond their peer group at all. Amongst the young, […] See more

How Rimbaud Saved my Life (Part II)

03/16/2018 The Social Eyes 0

For those who couldn’t be there, here is part of the text of a speech I made on September 1st, 2017, during a giant Kiss-In, part of the Fête Arc-en-ciel de Québec (Rainbow Québec festival) in front of the Palais Montcalm concert hall, Place d’Youville […] See more

The AIDS Virus: Alexandra Wants a Baby

08/24/2017 Delphine Caubet 1

In 2011, over three-quarters of all Canadians stricken with HIV were males. Sometimes, women feel left aside when resources for HIV-positive persons are allocated. To find out what this might mean in practical terms we spoke to Alexandra, who agreed to let us publish her […] See more