Learn to Say NO

06/12/2020 The Social Eyes 0

Children usually have confidence in their immediate entourage, including close friends and family. That’s how we raise them. We teach them to say, “yes.” By Mélina Soucy I was raised that way. She was, too. “Today, I’m 19. My assault happened when I was 16. […] See more

Sex Ed and Inadequate Teacher Training

08/18/2018 Raymond Viger 0

In 2005, Quebec’s education ministry decided that the professional and social education courses being given were inadequate, and had no place in our schools. The ministry had hoped, if not to say fantasized, that all our teachers could intervene and could be relevant concerning the […] See more

School Bullying: Fighting the good fight

08/23/2017 The Social Eyes 0

“Bullying is a community problem. It’s not just a matter for the bully and the bullied. Everyone has a stake in it: schools, families, even witnesses.” By Louise Marchand  File: Bullying These are the words of Jasmine Roy, whose foundation bears her name. Her organization […] See more

Education and Differences

03/18/2017 Raymond Viger 0

Many things make me a different sort of person. I’m dyslexic. Yet because my mother taught me to read, write and count, I made it to the top of my class. Many students are “different” like me. By Raymond Viger  How should the educational world […] See more

Midnight Teens Are Not Thugs

05/13/2016 Colin McGregor 0

The pineal gland is tiny. Wedged between both hemispheres of your brain, it may be small, but it has a huge impact on society – especially, on teenagers. That’s because it manufactures melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep. When the pineal gland manufactures more […] See more