Four Myths about Wind Power

01/26/2024 The Social Eyes 0

By Maxime Bilodeau – The Rumor Detector Agence Science-Presse ( Wind power is often accused of lots of flaws, usually incorrectly. Here are four myths: Wherever there are wind turbines, we often find nearby residents who claim that they suffer from symptoms such as dizziness, […] See more

Can Adaptogens Reduce Stress? 

11/24/2023 The Social Eyes 0

An article by Agence Science-Presse, The Rumor Detector and the McGill Office for Science and Society There exist a category of ingredients called “adaptogens” that supposedly reduce stress and damage caused by stress. The Rumor Detector and the Office for Science and Society at McGill […] See more

Social Media: Does Less Regulated Equal More Toxic?

10/16/2023 The Social Eyes 0

Illustration: Laetitia Géraud An article by Agence Science-Presse ( Does a reduction of regulation and surveillance on social media platforms automatically lead to an explosion of hateful, toxic statements? That’s certainly what we’ve seen on a host of far-right platforms in recent years. It remains […] See more

Is Tea Less Stimulating Than Coffee?

01/03/2023 The Social Eyes 0

By Catherine Crépeau – The Rumor Detectors Agence Science-Presse ( Big coffee drinkers are often told to lower their caffeine consumption by drinking tea so they’ll sleep better. But isn’t tea also a stimulant? The Rumor Detectors checked this one out. Caffeine is the most studied and most […] See more