Inside an Addict’s Mind

08/29/2021 Delphine Caubet 0

Can someone ever stop being an addict? Can a former addict limit their drug taking to simply recreational use? After you’ve stopped using, do you spend the rest of your life still craving your drug? By Delphine Caubet I met with Sylvain, a former addict […] See more

Stress and Distress

01/18/2021 Raymond Viger 0

Among the factors that accelerate the aging process, we find stress. By Raymond Viger  Studies present stress in different forms and in different contexts. We say that students are stressed. Men are too. Parents are stressed. Women too… everyone is stressed at some point in […] See more

Students in Distress (Part II)

08/16/2019 The Social Eyes 0

Stress, anxiety, depression… The life of a student isn’t all rest and relaxation. Their mental health can be precarious. It’s a phenomenon that worries professors and doctors more and more. It’s talked about a lot in universities, and elsewhere. By Charlotte Robec Camille, 18, is […] See more

Coping with Stress

04/18/2019 Raymond Viger 0

Stress is a sneaky, insidious force that weaves its web inside your mind until all you see are shades of black. By Raymond Viger  How we escape stress can cause us even more harm: alcohol, drugs, escapism… But not all our responses to stress are, […] See more

My Legal Drugs (Part I)

11/16/2018 Raymond Viger 0

I consider myself a manic-depressive. I haven’t been diagnosed as such, so I’m not on any medication. By Raymond Viger  Medication can be an important thing to stabilize your life. But until now, I’ve passed on all that. My life is a roller coaster. But […] See more