Raymond Viger; Publisher

Raymond Viger Journalist, writer and chief redactor

Editor of the news magazine and awareness Reflet de Societe. Director General of the intervention and the prevention Cafe-Graffiti, a living environment for youth.

I give a workshop, The Art of Writing for the Web and to be well referenced. I am a certified trainer by the CPMT (The old law of the 1% training).

I’m a writer and I’m part of Editions TNT.


Published books:

Après la pluie … Le beau temps. Collection of texts to meditate. $ 10

Quand un homme accouche … Tom. Humoristic book on personal growth. $ 10

Operation Graffiti. The story of the creation of the Cafe-Graffiti. The anecdotes on youth, what they lived, what they do live to stakeholders. For testimonials, description of the method of intervention used in the Cafe-Graffiti. $ 20

Quebec suicide prevention handbook. Handy guide, simple and easy understanding of the suicidal crisis intervention and resources available for participating. $ 5

Amour en 3 Dimensions. Humoristic book on personal growth. The relationship to oneself, relationship to others and the relationship with it’s environment. $ 20

LOVE in 3D. English version of Amour en 3 Dimensions. History rewritten with Colin McGregor.

Référencer son blog – Un mot à la fois. How to reference your blog? How to retain users? How to increase its traffic? How to interact with visitors who comment on your blog?

Patrick et Raymond en Chine. Illustrated tale. Story created and designed by my son Patrick when he was 14 years old. $ 5

The books are available in all good bookstores, by phone (514) 256-9000 or through the Internet.

See also Reflet de Societe archives have free access to our documents and reports on social issues.
Support our work with youth intervention by subscribing to the magazine Reflet de Societe. (514) 256-9000 or on the Internet.

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