Nomad Music

Culture is often a source of identity. Urban or ancestral, sometimes every culture seems to be at war with the world around it. But youth conquers all, bridges gaps, reconciles opposites.  Files Native.

JayCee Beyale Speaks Out

I am a Navajo artist from New Mexico. I grew up in a small town called Farmington. I currently reside in Colorado Springs and have been here for the last 2 years.  My identity and background have always been present in my work and it’s because I am proud of who I am and where I come from.  My connection to aboriginal culture is heavily influenced by my involvement in the arts. Files Culture

A Different Kind of School Field Trip: Voyage Into the Great White Desert

The Inuits: A culture many think they know. Once termed “Eskimos,” a term insulting to this ancient northern people, a lot of southerners see Inuits as Indians who live in the snow. Files Native

Fanny Aïshaa: An Artist Inspired by Nature

Born in Québec City of a French Quebecoise mother and a Moroccan father, a youth protection placement officer brought Fanny-Pier Garneau into the lives of a Quebecois couple. But this was no adoption horror story in the making. Files Native

Texts in french for this subject: Autochtone

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