Louise Marchand; Journalist

Louise Marchand Journalist

After getting my BA in Sociology in France, I wanted to explore new horizons on the other side of the Atlantic, with one objective: to contribute actively to a community organization.

In 2014, the magazine Reflet de Societe and the organism Cafe Graffiti have been the opportunity of an internship in journalism.

In addition to the cultural enrichment provided by this new country, I was able to concentrate for three months on subjects that I his really important to my heart: anorexia and bullying.

My research led me to raise interesting testimonies and deepen my work on topics that fascinate me.

This internship strengthened my critical mind and allowed me to participate in sensitive discussions and improve my knowledge in journalism.

I’m returning in France with tracks for my professional future and the growing desire to travel and discover new ways of thinking.

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