Jean-Pierre Bellemare; Writer


Reflet de Societe meet Jean-Pierre Bellemare when he was detained at the institute Leclerc. Jean-Pierre Bellemare is now detained at the Cowansville prison.

The meeting with Jean-Pierre Bellemare allowed him to take his place and start a column in Reflet de Societe. In 2008, Jean-Pierre Bellemare was nominated as Columnist of the Year in Journalism Award from the Quebec Association of Magazine Publishers (AQEM).

In addition, Jean-Pierre Bellemare has won the columnist of the year for the awards of the Association of Quebec community newspaper (AMECQ).

You can find his texts in the Prisoner’s Chronicle, you will find chronicles of Jean-Pierre Bellemare on prison life. You will also find a few articles of his cellmate, Colin McGregor.

With a prison life of nearly a quarter century, Jean-Pierre Bellemare also wrote notes on personal development, a new mode of life he acquired despite the bars of his cell. His notes are found in our category Developpement.

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