A Homeless Man’s Journey

The homeless are not born, they are made. Every homeless person has their own sad story, their reasons why they ended up on the street. Some, like Bernard Martin, have to dig back into childhood to understand how you end up living on the margins of society. Files Itinerance.

For the Love of a Dog

Many years separate me from the street. But I can still feel the street inside of me. My street odyssey began when I was 14. The streets of Sherbrooke, Granby, Montréal, and Toronto… Hungry for freedom, or just haunted by a world that didn’t understand me, the mean streets became my home, my way of life. I experienced many adventures during my street years. And misadventures, too. But like they say, there is no good road or bad road. Every road teaches you something, enriches you with the experiences you live during your journey. No matter what your destination, it’s the journey that really counts!   File Itinerance.