Audrey McMahon and Yoga Therapy

Ever since she was 17, CHUS Sherbrooke psychiatric resident Audrey McMahon has been practising yoga regularly. Her first class was a revelation, to the point that a few years later, she began searching for yoga-related therapeutic training to complement her medical studies, especially in the field of mental health. In fact, many scientific studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of breathing: stress reduction, emotional regulation and better overall health.  Files Health.

A Thalidomide Baby’s Story: Guilt at Being Whole

But November, 1961, brings strange and frightening news. A rash of birth defects never seen before. Files Health

From Farm to School: B.C.’s Example

A kid who eats better learns more. So why not bring farm-fresh food to school cafeterias? That’s what Joanne Bays is doing in British Columbia. Not too long ago, Québec’s Équiterre organization invited her to share her experiences with those who’d like to see the same done in this province. Files Health

The Quest to be Slim: Is Surgery an Option?

Who hasn’t dreamed of losing weight without trying? Or eating all that you can and maintaining a perfect figure? Until recently, this seemed an impossible goal.  Files Health

The Long Slow Goodbye: Our Memory Loss Epidemic

At first, they forget a few of the smaller things – addresses and phone numbers and TV channels that can be looked up. Not a disaster. Age catches up with us all, and in your 60s, how are you supposed to remember everything when you’ve seen so much over the course of a lifetime? Files Health

Living with Anorexia

Anorexia is a mental illness especially common among girls and women. Fully 3% of women ages 15-25 to suffer from this crippling psychological disorder. Files Health


What triggers Anorexia?

The causes of anorexia are complex. It isn’t caused solely by a person’s family situation, or by some weakness within the sufferer. It’s the result of a complex mix of biological, psychological and social factors. Files Health


Spiritual Healing Intervener

Spiritual healing interveners work within Quebec’s health care system. Their mission: to support families in a variety of ways – spiritual, moral, psychological. They work in hospices and hospitals, and elsewhere. Files Health


Mental Health: A Father’s Nightmare

After numerous bouts with mental illness, Michel finally took his own life. He was afraid to be stigmatized by others. He refused all help. Jean went as far as he could to try and obtain help. He hopes that nobody will ever have to suffer the way that he has. Files Health

Texts in french for this subject: Santé


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