Eleonore Genolhac; Journalist

Eleonore Genolhac Journalist

After years of studies in different fields – history, law, communication – I finally understood that only journalism could satiate my curiosity. Convinced that information makes free, I decided to make it my job.

My three months of internship at Reflet de Societe haven’t only given me the opportunity to touch a wide range of subjects, but especially helped me to better understand the role of the journalist: to offer the most complete informations and as neutral as possible, so that the reader can form an opinion of himself.

As so aply one of our mentors at all: “Our job is not to please, not to harm it is to wear the pen in the wound.” (Albert Londres)

I love Quebec since I’ve dropped my luggage three years ago, all issues that agitate and shape the province interest me. Whether we talk about politics, society, culture or environment.

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