Midnight Teens Are Not Thugs

The pineal gland is tiny. Wedged between both hemispheres of your brain, it may be small, but it has a huge impact on society – especially, on teenagers. That’s because it manufactures melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep. When the pineal gland manufactures more melatonin, you get sleepy. File Society

A Different Kind of School Field Trip: Voyage Into the Great White Desert

The Inuits: A culture many think they know. Once termed “Eskimos,” a term insulting to this ancient northern people, a lot of southerners see Inuits as Indians who live in the snow. Files Education

Teenage Dropouts Tell Their Stories

Extravert or introvert, bold or timid… Maryrose, Alex and Rock have one thing in common: they all quit school before getting their high school diploma. At 16 and 17, they threw in the towel on their education and decided to launch themselves onto a job market glutted with people with degrees and diplomas. Files Education

Too Sexy, Too Young: Modern-Day Lolitas

At a shopping centre we meet Haley, 10, who is out with her mom. This little Ontarian is rarely caught without her bright red lip gloss and fake nose piercing. When asked why, Haley explains: “It’s pretty, and it matches mommy’s piercing so we look the same.” Files Education

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