Confessions of an Ex-Con

This floodlight of well-meaning compliments trained on my lowly self can serve to inhibit my psychological healing. My self-esteem is still pretty low. Which is a recipe for self-sabotage.  Files Criminality

Lord, when did we see you in Prison?

Last year, we were asked to remove all the religious symbols from the Chapel in Cowansville Penitentiary (Quebec), a men’s federal prison with close to 700 inmates.   Files Criminality

True Crime, True Life

My father, deceased for some years already, would have been very happy being in prison. Not because of the food, the filth or the confinement. But because in his salad days he was a crime reporter for the Montreal Star, a daily newspaper that closed its doors in 1978. Files Criminality

Texts in french for this subject: Criminalité

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