A Survivor Speaks

12/14/2015 The Social Eyes 0

The Stunt of a Lifetime Yanick really shouldn’t be alive. Victim of a major automobile accident at the age of 17, doctors didn’t give him 24 hours to live. Twenty years later, he takes a look back at all the obstacles he’s had to overcome, […] See more

Anti-Vaccine Statements Contradictory

10/05/2015 The Social Eyes 0

By Sophie Félix — Agence Science-Presse (www.sciencepresse.qc.ca) A pharmaceutical medication has to prove its effectiveness in order to be approved by Health Canada. But most homeopathic products that get a permit only have to prove they are not harmful. And one of them is being […] See more

Glenn Curtis, Breakdancing Grandpa

09/21/2015 The Social Eyes 0

At age 69, Glenn Curtis is an athlete. Nothing in the world could drag him from his breakdancing to play Scrabble in a retirement home. Portrait of a grandfather with 4 grandchildren who does hip-hop to stay young.   By Estelle Gombaud Originally from San […] See more