Lazylegz: Standing Tall

Since childhood, Café Graffiti regular Luca Patuelli, 29, has suffered from a rare disease: arthrogyrposia. Incapable of walking, he has very few muscles in his legs. His dream: to be a dancer. And he has done it. Files Breakdancing

LazyLegz: Adapt, Adopt, Carry

When Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli discovered dance, he fell in love with the art form. His handicap never once stopped him from achieving his goal: he quickly made the leap and became a professional dancer. Robbed of the use of his legs, his crutches became his strength. Files Breakdancing

Mother and Daughter Dance

Both mother and daughter possess a passion for dance that is forever part of their genetic code. But how can you explain their radically different interests?  Files Breakdancing

Cindy: An Example of Grit and Determination A Hard Childhood

Cindy left her native England to see Canada, and never once looked back. Settling in Quebec, the young woman closed the book on a difficult childhood; a violent, loveless family; a gray, hard city; a life of being bullied… All left in the dust an ocean away…  Files Breakdancing

Texts in french for this subject: Breakdance

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