The Benefits of Buying Local

01/05/2024 The Social Eyes 0

By Alain Dumas, economist, editor at the Gazette de la Mauricie Considering that food takes up about 20% of our budget, replacing imported foods with local produce has a big impact on our economy and our environment. For example, when we buy a chicken that’s […] See more

Nuclear Energy: Monster or Savior?

12/22/2023 The Social Eyes 0

Wanting her engineering students to take on challenges, Virginie Francoeur, Professor of Change Management at Ploytechnique Montréal, offers those with excellent communication skills to publish their writings here and in Reflet de Société. In this installment, Virginie Francoeur presents Léo Sajas, who is studying for […] See more

French Barnyard Vocabulary

12/18/2023 The Social Eyes 0

By Anne Marie Parent For this column, we offer three French words and an English-French expression, all relevant to barnyard-based vocabulary. 1) Poule (hen) The word “poule” comes from the classical Latin word pulla, the feminine of the word pullus, which means “very small.” So […] See more

Fewer Possessions for More Serenity

12/15/2023 The Social Eyes 0

By Célie Dugand Isabelle Lajoie, a mother of three, was constantly tidying and organizing her home, which stressed her out a great deal. Thinking she had problems organizing things, she took courses from professional organizers. But each attempt to organize her own home adequately ended […] See more

Four Myths about the Middle Ages

12/01/2023 The Social Eyes 0

An article by Agence Science-Presse The Middle Ages have a bad reputation. It’s often depicted as a time of violent heroes and a pitiless society. The Rumor Detector explores four of the myths associated with this period of European history, which ran from about 500 […] See more

Can Adaptogens Reduce Stress? 

11/24/2023 The Social Eyes 0

An article by Agence Science-Presse, The Rumor Detector and the McGill Office for Science and Society There exist a category of ingredients called “adaptogens” that supposedly reduce stress and damage caused by stress. The Rumor Detector and the Office for Science and Society at McGill […] See more

Social Media: Does Less Regulated Equal More Toxic?

10/16/2023 The Social Eyes 0

Illustration: Laetitia Géraud An article by Agence Science-Presse ( Does a reduction of regulation and surveillance on social media platforms automatically lead to an explosion of hateful, toxic statements? That’s certainly what we’ve seen on a host of far-right platforms in recent years. It remains […] See more