Community-Based Self-Financing

09/11/2015 Raymond Viger 0

Battleground: Our Own Neighborhood In partnership with the City of Montreal and the Ministère de la Métropole (Ministry of the Metropolis), we at the Journal de la Rue organization have launched a self-financing project for community groups. Every charitable organization and community group around has […] See more

Heart Health: An Epic Story!

05/04/2015 Raymond Viger 0

40 years of loyalty to my cigarettes. Three big packs a day. For a little over 40 years. By Raymond Viger You must be thinking that I cough every morning before starting my day, like a diesel engine starting up on a cold day. Or […] See more

“Indian Cigarettes” and Your Health

04/27/2015 Raymond Viger 0

By Raymond Viger An anecdote that I have to tell you:  A friend of mine is a smoker. To save money, he started smoking “Indian cigarettes.” They are easily obtainable, illegal cigarettes. Are the manufacturing standards for these cigarettes the same as the ones you […] See more