Davy Boisvert

No need to investigate any further: Davy Boisvert excels at any artistic medium he tries his hand at, from dance to rap to singing. In Quebec he’s everywhere: on your TV screen, on stage, behind the scenes, and in dance studios. Nowadays this multitalented artist can pick and choose the projects that appeal to his creative and ambitious sides. File Artist.

Pascal Dufour

Best known as a 17-year veteran of the Quebec supergroup Les Respectables, Pascal Dufour is also a citizen-activist; since 2011, he’s been the spokesperson for the youth group Jeunes pousses (Young shoots). File Artist.

Angelique Duruisseau

If Piaf takes a giant place in Angélique’s pantheon of musical influences, she is also inspired by great female torch singers she likes to call the Divas in Heaven: Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury, Janis Joplin and Aaliyah. File Artist


This Quebec-Haitian singer-songwriter, whose name stands for “Be Yourself”, has been at the music game for a while. Known primarily as a rapper, he also delves into multiple other musical traditions. The “big band” aspect of his stage show adds spice and variety to his rap stylings. File Artist

Catherine Dagenais

That’s the case for Catherine Dagenais, 20-year-old musician, singer, lyricist and songwriter, who has never lacked initiative and creativity. File Artist

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