Pet Insurance: Is It a Thing?

By Colin McGregor

Do the 3 million pet owners in Quebec know about the insurance solutions that exist for our 4-legged friends? Here are the results of a survey conducted during the summer of 2023, in which HelloSafe asked 875 pet owners about their views on the subject.

Here are some data points that stand out:

– More than two thirds of our respondents say they are unaware of the existence of pet insurance.

– In total, only 16% of our respondents say they take out pet insurance.

– Among the latter, reducing veterinary costs is the #1 reason to take out animal insurance.

– The monthly cost of the premium is the No. 1 criterion for selecting animal insurance for 38.9% of Quebecers.

You can access all the results here:

Yes, animal insurance is a thing, according to HelloSafe’s Public Relatons Director, Alexandre Desoutter. He says:

Pet insurance mainly concerns domestic animals such as dogs and cats. It aims to cover medical costs in the event of illness or accident. For farm animals, there are usually specific insurances, such as health insurance for horses or livestock, which are offered by agricultural insurance companies.

The cost of insuring a pet dog or cat varies depending on several factors, including the pet’s breed, age, current health, and the level of coverage you want. On average, you can expect to pay between $20 and $50 per month for basic insurance, while more comprehensive plans can cost up to $80 or $100 or more per month.

Several insurance companies in Quebec offer pet insurance. As you will see on the HelloSafe pet insurance comparison site (, some of the most popular options include companies such as Trupanion, Desjardins, PetsPlusUs and Petsecure. It is recommended that you compare offers from different companies to find the one that best suits your pet’s needs.

A local veterinary clinic says that vets have no role in selling insurance, they leave that up to pet owners and the insurers.

Photo Credit: Don DeBold

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