Veteran Social Worker’s Testament Translated into English : Raymond Viger’s Latest Book

By Colin McGregor

The reflections of Raymond Viger, who has devoted 35 years of his life to counselling amrginalized youth, are now finally available in English.

“Marginal and Proud Of It,” translated by Colin McGregor, is currently up on the website. is the publishing armof the Café Graffiti umbrella organization that Viger created and will run until his retirement later this year.

Don’t miss this fascinating read about life on the mean streets. Viger goes over the secrets of what has made his unique approach a success. His methods have been studied by the McGill School of Social Work as well as by authorities in Europe. His entrepreneurial spirit, applied to the community sector, has made an indellible mark on Quebec society, particularly in the east end neighborhood of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

On sale now – and it was a joy to translate!

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