Domestic Violence: Opportunities for Solutions

By Colin McGregor

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, 2023: Selena Fortier, who gives conferences (as she puts it, “showferences”) on domestic violence, offers the following different solutions to domestic violence situations:

  • The importance of witnesses: Offering compassion to people who experience domestic violence. An attentive ear, they should feel welcomed, supported and respected when they confide.
  • Witnesses (the entourage) of people who experience domestic violence can also contact SOS violence conjugale at 1 800 363-9010, open 24/7, to ask questions and receive references/tools that they can in turn offer to people who experience domestic violence.
  • The self-assessment test available on the SOS violence conjugale (SOS domestic violence) bilingual website: This is a 25-question questionnaire to identify whether different forms of domestic violence are present in your relationship with a partner or ex-partner. (This sentence is almost word for word the one found on the questionnaire page).
  • Read the testimonials available on the SOS violence conjugale website. There are moving testimonies, which illustrate very well that domestic violence has no age. Each testimony is identified by the type of domestic violence experienced, which gives concrete examples to identify the different types of domestic violence.

Photo : Philippe Le Bourdais

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