Inflation Hitting Holiday Spending Habits

By HelloSafe

As we are well into the holiday season, inflation is weighing more than ever on household budgets in Quebec. Today, HelloSafe, Canada’s number 1 financial product comparison site, is sharing the results of a survey conducted among 564 Quebecers, with the aim of finding out if purchasing behavior would change this year in this context. It appears that :

67.1% of Quebecers plan to change their buying behavior for the holiday season because of inflation
42.9% of Quebec respondents to the survey plan to spend less money than last year for the holidays
Quebecers’ gift budget should average $390 per household this year – 14% below the national average ($444.60)
To cope with inflation, 45.9% of Quebecers plan to give fewer gifts this year.

You can access the full results of this survey in the full version of the study:

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