Video of the Round Table on Mental Health held on July 6th

We are back with a 5th roundtable. For the month of July, we have
chosen the theme of mental health. For the first time, this roundtable
was in English in collaboration with The Social Eyes and Reflet de Société

For the host, Colin McGregor, mental health is a subject close to his heart.
Last fall he wrote about the mental health of the Anglophones of the
Eastern Townships. This roundtable was held on Wednesday the 6th of
July at 2 pm on Zoom. For this roundtable, Colin invited two guest
psychologists to contribute to our understanding of mental health.

Click here to watch the Round Table on Youtube

Panelists for the Round Table on Mental Health of July 6th:

Tim Wisdom

Tim immigrated to Quebec from Great Britain as a child. He completed his bachelor’s degree in psychology at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke a few years ago. After having graduated he decided to work as a volunteer at Cowansville Institution, a federal penitentiary. His experience with the prisoners at the prison showed him the human capacity to rehabilitate. He continues guiding people in all aspects of their mental health  as Director-General of l’Éveil de Brome-Missisquoi, a mental health aide organization in Cowansville. L’Éveil offers support services for people looking to get back into society and school for people experiencing psychological or emotional distress.

Dave Williams

Dave is a proud native of British Columbia, and holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Toronto. He has worked in the field of social intervention and rehabilitation for 35 years – with ex-cons, addicts, victims of road accidents, and other sorts of people. Today he works as a geronto-criminologist with the Service Oxygène, where he works with inmates and ex-inmates 50 years of age and older to participate actively in their community reintegration by directing them towards services and programs available in the community.

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