A Tender Moment – Poetry

A poem from the book Liberté – Un sourire intérieur (Freedom – an Inner Smile)

An anthology of poems to meditate upon. Each poem reveals a message, an emotion. The same poem can take on a different color, depending on your state of mind.

By Raymond Viger 

A Tender Moment

I let myself be rocked gently by this music.

I let myself become hypnotized by this candle.

I let myself get drunk on this wine.

I let myself love by your presence.

I have no more strength

To show you my character.

I feel this flame

Shine throughout your heart.

I feel this flame

Shine throughout my heart.

Wanting to surround me

With tenderness, with affection.

I blew out the flame

Of our union.

With new lines of communication

We rebuilt our union.

It’s not what it’s been

It’s not what it will be.

But I feel so good

About what it is today.

From Raymond Viger’s blog, August 25th, 2016

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