The Fight – Poetry

A poem from the book Liberté – Un sourire intérieur (Freedom – an Inner Smile) by Raymond Viger

An anthology of poems to meditate upon. Each poem reveals a message, an emotion. The same poem can take on a different color, depending on your state of mind.

By Raymond Viger 

The Fight

You fight for love

For the love of fighting?

You fight your love

You fight without end.

Young, you received your training

To be a knight without fear nor blame

Defending the widow and the orphan.

You hid your fears well

You wanted to flee all blame

You raised your defenses around your emotions

You made a widow out of your wife

You lost yourself in combat

And, without you, your children

Became orphans.

You fought for an ideal

An ideal you imposed upon yourself

That came from the outside, from your education

Instead of educating yourself from your inside.

When you have finished battling

When you have laid waste to everything,

Burn your old beliefs

Empty yourself.

Like the Phoenix,

Become reborn from your ashes

Show the colors of your smile

And become free to soar and fly.

From Raymond Viger’s Blog, August 18th, 2016

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