A Flame – Poetry

A poem from the book Liberté – Un sourire intérieur (Freedom – an Inner Smile)

An anthology of poems to meditate upon. Each poem reveals a message, an emotion. The same poem can take on a different color, depending on your state of mind.

By Raymond Viger 

A Flame

The candle flame

Waltzes before my dumbfounded eyes.

I feel this flame

Chomping away at my barricades

Melting my mask.

Making my own self disappear.

A naked flame sparkles and glistens.

Before my heart made naked.

I gave this flame its energy.

In lighting it and in nurturing it.

Now, it’s heating me up.

And penetrating me.

This flame will continue its work.

Before my petrified mask.

When that mask has disappeared.

The flame will have no more reason to be.

One day that flame will be no more.

Just like the mask that will have disappeared,

But I know that despite it all

All I’ll have to do is close my eyes

To see it relive in me.

To feel that heat wrapped around me.

I know I don’t have to get hung up.

On the symbol that is this blue flame.

That if I want to make all masks disappear.

I have to accept things

And let this flame die.

But in my heart,

It will always have its place.

From Raymond Viger’s blog, July 28th, 2016

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