Being a Dad Far from Familiar Places (Part III)

“No matter where you’re from, being a father changes you,” says Majid. But undertaking this new adventure in a new land, far from your original homeland, far from familiar landmarks, makes the challenge even bigger. Here, then, is an overview of the issues encountered by fathers who have immigrated to Québec.

By Takwa Souissi

Did You Know?

Perceptions by Fathers of their Role

A Léger survey carried out in May 2021 across Canada asked fathers how they see their parental role. Fathers in the rest of Canada replied that they saw themselves chiefly as “providers” (43%), whereas that answer finished in last place among Québec fathers (12%).

For you, being a father, is first and foremost… (Two choices possible)QuébecThe rest of Canada
A role model48%39%
A giver of care and affection45%40%
A protector39%36%
An educator37%16%
A provider12%43%
* Source: Léger survey of 2001 Canadian fathers (1,000 in Québec and 1,001 outside Québec)

In other findings, 77% of Québec fathers (compared to 65% of fathers in the rest of Canada) considered it “very important” to benefit from paid paternity leave when a baby is born. For 71% of Québec fathers (compared to 62% of fathers in the rest of Canada) the care of their children is shared equally between the two parents.

First seen in Reflet de Société, Vol. 29, no. 6, août (August) 2021, pages 12 – 13

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