Cutting Down on Food Waste to Save the Planet

By Colin McGregor

The reduction of food waste is one of the most important things that we as a society can do to fight against climate change according to Project Drawdown, a climate change mitigation group bringing together over 200 scientists to find solutions to the global warming crisis.

To that end Florence-Léa Siry, blogger, eco-entrepreneur and zero food waste expert, along with collaborator Guillaume Cantin of La Transformerie, have put together a program to help you cut down on food waste in your own kitchen. Just a few simple daily habits can help you to help save the environment, and save money too!  

Just sign up for their Défi Zéro Gaspi 2022 program and you’ll receive a monthly newsletter (in French) with helpful hints, recipes and articles on reducing food waste.

You’ll be asked to keep track of your own food habits, with an aim to measuring how much you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Sign up by clicking on their website, where you’ll find a virtual application form to join the program. Your notes on your own consumption will in turn help them to come up with areas we can all focus on when it comes to kitchen environmentalism. And, they’re promising that it’ll be fun!

So, if you’re interested, get involved – go from zero to hero!

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